We are not currently VAT registered, so you get the benefit of not having to pay that extra 20% on top of your bill!
Short answer: Yes (Most of the time!)
We will always try to make availability for emergency next day cleans and for the majority of the time we are able to help, however we can't promise you that we'll be available for every single next day emergency clean. We don't like to let customers down and we want to give you the most support we can, so if we are unable to find an available member of staff to help, we can provide you with phone numbers of nearby cleaning services and help you in any way we can to find a cleaning service that has availability.
We understand that unplanned last minute events or situations can occur (and sometimes planned events that you completely forgot about until the night before! It happens to all of us!). We prefer you to give us as much notice as possible however we know this isn't always possible. We are happy to rearrange your cleaning appointment to a day that works better for you (even if that date is weeks or months away!) or if you find that you don't need us at all anymore, that's okay too! Just give us a call to let us know and we can sort out a new date, hassle free!
For one-off cleans we will send you an invoice via email (or post if you prefer) once we have completed the clean.
For regular customers we will give you an invoice either weekly or monthly depending what you prefer.
All invoices can be paid with cash but a BACS transfer is preferable (all the needed information will be on the invoice). Our payment window once the invoice has been issued is 7 days. We will allow 14 days under certain circumstances however please let us know if you intend to pay after the 7 days.
Our prices vary depending on the the service you require, the size of the property, how many staff members are required and a number of other factors. Because of this we can't give a general price because every job is different however we always strive to make our services affordable!
Please contact us to get a free quote!
We provide our cleaning services in the South Lakeland District Council area but of course this flexible! Don't be discouraged if you think you are too far away because we may be able to provide our services anyway.
Firstly, when we get your enquiry either over the phone or via email, we will determine if we have the availability to do what you need. This is also when we find out if you need a one off clean or a regular clean (don't worry if you change your mind, many customers hired us with the intention of a one off clean and then decided to have us weekly/monthly after being so happy with our service.)
Once we know what you need, we will come and look around the property to determine how many staff members will be needed, how many hours it will take and we can discuss in depth all the services you require. This is so we can give you a fixed quote.
There is no pressure to commit once we have provided a quote! We are more than happy for you to reflect on the quote given and return to us once you have made a decision. Once a price has been agreed and everybody is happy, we can set a date for when we come to clean.
Once a date has been set, all that's left to do is clean!
Our services are here to suit your needs so we provide full cleaning services any time of the day or night.
Unfortunately we don't provide carpet shampooing services at the moment but we are happy to refer you to highly rated, professional businesses that do.