We are taking this virus very seriously which is why we check every single one of our cleaners for potential symptoms. If there is any indication of them potentially having the virus, or if they have recently been in contact with somebody that has tested positive, they will not be cleaning or entering your premises until they have fulfilled the advised self-isolation period and presented a negative test. Cleaners that test negative and show no symptoms will be wearing full PPE to clean your home/business premise and will be following all of the government guidelines.

All of our fogging machines use an anti-viral and anti-bacterial fluid which is effective against all viruses including the Coronavirus. We also have antiviral sprays which are just as effective.

We ask for your understanding as clean times may take longer than usual due to our safeguarding procedures to prevent the spread of this virus. We would also like to ask that you let us know if you have symptoms of Coronavirus so that we can rearrange your clean to a later date once you have recovered. We want to keep you and your family safe, so please help us to keep our cleaners and their family safe too.

You can keep up to date on all the government guidelines HERE